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Establishing Excellence In Hockey


The RSG Academy's ongoing mission is to positively impact young lives by immersing them in a comprehensive developmental program designed around the sport of hockey. Emphasizing the importance of practicing and off-ice training rather than playing too many games, the academy builds its curriculum around what is ideal for the long-term development of its players.


The number one skill that the RSG Academy focuses on for laying the foundation for a better hockey player is skating. Other essential skills like passing, shooting, and stickhandling are also vital – and ones that will be continually worked on as well – but without a strong foundation in skating, we believe a player’s other skills will never reach their full potential.

Developing “Hockey IQ” is another important focus of the RSG Academy, and if you want players to have better “Hockey IQ”, you can’t stand there and tell a kid exactly what to do every time. While young players do need consistent guidance and mentoring, RSG Academy’s approach is to provide an on-ice environment that fosters self-discovery and self-learning.


On the ice isn't the only place where RSG Academy feels players can improve their hockey-playing abilities. Investing time in off-ice physical activity and skill work can help players make major on-ice gains over time. Establishing a core set of motor skills early in life enables children to gain a sense of achievement and establish a positive relationship with sport and physical activity. Successful and positive experiences with sport at a young age, coupled with the acquisition of transferable sports skills, will enable children to become proficient in a number of different sports.

RSG Academy offers unprecedented access to the ultimate off-ice training experience and a cutting-edge assemblage of training techniques and diagnostics not found anywhere else in the country.