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Annex Sports Performance will be offering training programs for all levels in the areas of strength and conditioning and speed development out of the Bridgewater Sports Arena.

Science has proven that ages 9-12 are the most critical years in a child’s life for motor skill development. This age is a crucial time in a young athlete’s life where they are capable of developing sound motor skills and movement patterns that are paramount in maximizing future athletic potential. The Annex utilizes the most up-to-date research and training in developing these young athletes and most importantly, applies training that will minimize the risk of injury.


For over a decade, The ANNEX Team has trained countless amateur and professional level athletes.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson has nine years of experience as a sports performance specialist. A Penn State grad, he was named one of Gold Digest's 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America. Ryan has trained a range of athletes from young people to professionals.

Tim Laffey

Tim has over 15 years of experience training athletes. Prior to joining the Annex team, Tim worked as a Strength Coach for the Anaheim Angels MLB organization.  Tim has worked with 100s of professional athletes through all the professional sports. 

Training slots


Tuesdays & Thursdays

3:00pm - 4:00pm | Semi-Private

4:00pm - 5:00pm | Middle School Ages | Small Group

5:00pm - 6:00pm | High School Ages | Small Group

6:00pm - 7:00pm | Semi-Privates


$65.00/Athlete - Semi-Private (1-4 Athletes)

$40.00/Athlete - Small Group (4-8 Athletes)

If you are interested in training with ANNEX this summer out of Bridgewater Sports Arena


Mobility and Mindfulness COACH

Alison Grzyb

Ali Grzyb has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Psychology. She draws upon her in-depth studies of sport specific movement to teach yoga, mobility and mindfulness to NHL teams, players, as well as youth and high school sports teams throughout North Jersey. 

To learn more about Ali, Click HERE